KOMPRENO envisions an inclusive world community and shifted forms of governance, democracy and economy. A world driven by plural, pacific and partnership-based values beyond Western-centric universalism, anachronistic North-South divides, and economic development at the cost of our common environment.


The mission of KOMPRENO is to contribute to such a world vision with independent research through comprehensive, grounded analysis and by establishing various platforms of collaboration and partnerships. In creative ways, we bridge theories and practices of development, sustainability and human rights in multiple dimensions.


KOMPRENO is a Geneva-based transdisciplinary research collective and independent laboratory of critical thinking that provides comprehensive and up-to-date analyses in the fields of human rights, development and sustainability. Our name "Kompreno" is derived from Esperanto and means "to comprehend", linked to our overall mission.

KOMPRENO links and re-thinks three of the XXI century’s most pressing challenges in the Global South in novel and inspiring ways:

  • -> Human Rights (Operationalization of ESC Rights)
  • -> (Human) Development (Rights-based approaches to development)
  • -> Environmental Sustainability (Climate Change Adaptation, Community-based Approaches, Urban Resilience).



KOMPRENO offers on-demand background research, policy and data analyses, and consultancy services for the private and public sector as well as for international organizations.

Our collective creates transdisciplinary platforms bridging multiple perspectives on selected topics in order to inform comprehensive and integral analyses. We draw on a reliable and experienced network that extends to Latin and Central America, Africa, Europe and South Asia. We translate independent and in-depth studies into tailor-made services adapted to the needs of the specific target audience.

Your benefit:
  • Holistic transdisciplinarity
  • Expertise and experience
  • Strategic advice
  • Discounts for partners
  • Flexible collaboration
What we do:
  • Background research
  • Developing methods
  • Implementations
  • Editing, publishing
  • Strategic counseling